Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sick Vegan

I haven't written so far this week because I've been laid up with a severe respiratory infection that keeps me coughing and hacking half the time, and too exhausted to move the other half of the time. Needless to say, I haven't been doing much cooking this week. Luckily, I made lentil stew last weekend before I got sick, so that's been lasting a while. I've also been relying on pizzas with thin crust, no cheese, and vegetable toppings, which, although they are convenient, are not the healthiest and also contain next to no protein.

I did have a delicious vegan lunch at Border Grill on Wednesday after I went to the doctor, while I was waiting for my prescriptions to be filled at Shopko across the street. I had a vegetarian burrito with no cheese in a spinach wrap, and a bowl of their Black Bean Wheat Berry Chili. May have been a little too much food for me at the time, but damn was it good.

When I first got sick this week, I was afraid that perhaps it was due to my diet, that maybe I wasn't getting enough of something I needed and that my body was rebelling. I didn't have a chance to bring this concern up to my doctor, but she did tell me that this sort of infection is going around like crazy right now, so that made me feel better. I was concerned that I wasn't getting enough protein because I've been so tired all the time, but she assured me that this fatigue is just part of the infection. I can't wait for it to go away. It's been almost a week now, but I still can't stay awake for more than a few hours at a time. Very frustrating.

Well, I'm going to go now so I can rest up for class tomorrow. Sorry I've been slacking on my blog duties this week. I have a lot of stuff stored up in my mind to write about, but don't have the energy to get it all out right now.

One last thing. When I e-mailed my teacher Jen this week to let her know that I was sick and wouldn't be able to attend class, she joked with me by asking if antibiotics are vegan. This made me laugh because I had the same exact thought while sitting in the doctor's office! My doctor wrote out a bunch of prescriptions for me and slid the pile of slips across the desk to me, saying, "I know this looks like a lot of medicine, but: you're really sick." I nodded wearily, since I hate having to take medicine in any form, especially antibiotics. In answer to Jen's question, I'm pretty sure that antibiotics are not vegan, but unfortunately I have no choice in the matter. Such is the plight of an infected vegan.


  1. Yipes! I hope you start to feel better, Jess. When I first heard you were sick I thought the same thing as you. I wondered if it was the drastic change in dieting. Hopefully not! Just rest up and eat some vegan soup. :)